Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Eurovision 2016 Top 10 Songs In My Book

Judging Criteria:- 

(i) Entertaining
(ii) Enjoyable
(iii) Good Market Response If Recorded & Marketed By A Record Company
(iv) Hit Song Potential As In The Case Of Abba (Waterloo, 1974)

(in reverse order)

No. 10 -- Azerbaijan / Miracle by Samra

No. 9 -- Spain / Say Yay! by Barei

No. 8 -- Armenia / Love Wave by Iveta Mukuchyan

No. 7 -- Russia / You Are The Only One by Sergey Lazarev

No. 6 -- France / J'ai Cherche by Amir

No. 5 -- Lithuania / I've Been Waiting For This Night by Donny Montell

No. 4 -- Belgium / What's The Pressure by Laura Tesoro

No. 3 -- Bulgaria / If Love Was A Crime by Poli Genova

No. 2 -- U.K. / You're Not Alone by Joe & Jake

Honorable Mentions:-

(i) Sweden / If I Were Sorry by Frans

(ii) Cyprus / Alter Ego by Minus One

No. 1 -- Netherlands / Slow Down by Douwe Bob

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