Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Virtues Of A Good CEO

1. A good CEO is like a ship's captain who captains his ship 
    from the deck of his ship, not from shore via satellite     
    link or such.

2. A good CEO treats his subordinates as equals, each with 
    his own job responsibilities, not as servants, butlers or 

3. A good CEO always has time to listen to the problems of  
    his subordinates no matter how busy he might be.    

4. A good CEO never treats his office as an extension of his   
    home regardless of the time or day.

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Friday, 6 November 2015

If Jews Were Meant To Be Despised Because Of Their Achievements, Here Are Some Of The Culprits

I. High Achievers

  1. Stephen Spielberg
       Director, Producer, Screenwriter  & Filmmaker 


 2. Mark Zuckerberg
     Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Facebook & 16th Richest 
     Person In The World (Forbes, 2015)
     Image result for mark zuckerberg

3. Eduardo Saverin

    Co-Founder & Former CFO Of Facebook


4. Dustin Moskovitz

     Co-Founder Of Facebook & The World's Youngest 

     Billionaire (Aged 31)


5.  Stan Lee

     Comic Book Writer, Editor, Publisher, TV Host, Actor & 

     Former President & Chairman Of Marvel Comics

6. Albert Einstein
    Theoretical Physicist


7. Robert Downey Jr.


8. Barbara Streisand
    Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Director & Filmmaker


9.  Sergey Brin
     Computer Scientist, Co-Founder Of Google & 24th Richest 
     Person In The World (Forbes, 2012, a ranking jointly held 
     with Larry Page)

10. Larry Page
      Computer Scientist, C0-Founder Of Google & 24th 
      Richest Person In The World (Forbes, 2012, a ranking   
      jointly held with Sergey Brin)


11. Larry Ellison
      Co-Founder & CEO Of Oracle (second largest software       
      company in the world) & 5th Richest Person In The 
      World (Forbes, 2015)


12. Roman Abramovich
      Business Tycoon, Politician, Owner Of Chelsea F.C. &   
      137th Richest Person In The World (Forbes, 2015)


13. Bob Dylan
       Singer, Songwriter, Musician


14. Michael Bloomberg
      Former Mayor Of New York, Business Tycoon,     
      Founder, CEO & Owner Of The Bloomberg Group Of   
      Companies Including Bloomberg TV & 14th Richest   
      Person In The World (Forbes, 2015)


15. Dominique Strauss-Khan
      Former Head Of The IMF (International Monetary Fund)


16. Ben Bernanke
      Chairman Of The U.S. Federal Reserve 
      (central bank of the U.S.) 2006 - 2014


17. Marilyn Monroe
      Actress & Model 

18. Isaac Asimov

      Best-Selling Science Fiction Author & Professor Of 

19. Calvin Klein
      Fashion Designer & Founder Of Calvin Klein Inc. 
      (designer clothes, perfumes, watches & fashion 

20. Yehudi Menuhin
       World-Renowned Violinist & Conductor

21. Paul Simon

       Actor, Musician, Singer-Songwriter & One Half Of Simon 
       & Garfunkel (pictured on the right)


22. Art Garfunkel

      Actor, Poet, Singer & The Other Half Of Simon &          
      Garfunkel (pictured on the left)


23. Billy Joel
       Musician, Singer-Songwriter & Composer

24. Irving Berlin
       Lyricist, Songwriter & Composer

25. George Gershwin
       Musician & Composer

26. Neil Diamond
       Singer-Songwriter & Musician

27. Harrison Ford
       Actor & Film Producer



28. Adam Levine
      Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Actor & Lead Vocalist Of    
      Maroon 5


29. Sigmund Freud
       Neurologist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, a.k.a The 

       Father Of Psychoanalysis


30. Harry Houdini
       Magician, Illusionist, Stunt Performer & Escape Artiste

31. Henry Kissinger

       Former U.S. Secretary Of State & 1973 Nobel Peace Prize 


32. Robert Kraft
       Business Tycoon, Chairman & CEO Of The Kraft Group 
       Of Companies 

33. Ralph Lauren

       Fashion Designer, Business Tycoon, Founder, Chairman 
       & Former CEO Of Ralph Lauren Corporation   
       (luxury clothes, fragrances, fashion accessories, etc.)


34. Uriah Phillips Levy (1792 - 1862)
       Businessman, Philanthropist & First Jewish Rear     

       Admiral Of The U.S. Navy 


35. Karl Marx (1818 - 1883)

       Philosopher, Economist, Sociologist, Journalist, 
       Revolutionary Socialist & Author Of The Communist 
       Manifesto & Das Kapital

36. Louis B. Mayer
       Film Producer & Co-Founder Of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer   
       (MGM) Studios

37. Irving Thalberg

       Film Producer & The 'Boy Wonder' Head Of Production   
       Of MGM Studios During Its Early Days

38. Samuel Goldwyn
      Where The 'G' In MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) Studios 
      Came From Via Mergers & Film Producer (Wuthering 
      Heights among others)

39. Cecil B. DeMille
       Producer, Director & Filmmaker (Cleopatra, Samson & 
       Delilah, The Ten Commandments & Etc.)

40. Alan Greenspan
       Chairman Of The U.S. Federal Reserve (central bank of 
       the U.S.) 1987 - 2006


41. Carl Sagan

       Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Cosmologist, 
       Astrobiologist & Author

42. George Soros
      Business Tycoon, Philanthropist, Author & Chairman Of 
      Soros Fund Management & 27th Richest Person In The 
      World (Forbes, 2014)

43. Mark Spitz
       Nine-Time Olympic Champion, Seven Gold Medal 
       Winner 1972 Olympics & Former Seven Event World 
       Record Holder (All In Swimming)

44. Dustin Hoffman
       Actor, Director, Double Academy Award Winner, Six-
       Time Golden Globe Winner & Emmy Award Winner

45. Bette Midler
       Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Comedian, Film Producer,   
       Triple Grammy Award Winner, Triple Emmy Award 
       Winner, Four-Time Golden Globe Winner & Tony Award 

46. Paula Abdul
       Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, 
       Television Personality & Grammy & Emmy Award 


47. Jan Koum
       Computer Engineer, CEO & Co-Founder Of WhatsApp

48. Talmon Marco
       CEO & Co-Founder Of Viber

49. Igor Magazinnik
       CTO & Co-Founder Of Viber

50. Bobby Fischer
       Chess Grandmaster & Former World Champion

51. Gary Kasparov
      Chess Grandmaster & Former World Champion

52. Sheldon Adelson
       Business Tycoon, Philanthropist, Chairman & CEO Of   
       Las Vegas Sands Corp. (Which Owns Marina Bay 
       Sands Casino & Integrated Resort In Singapore &    
       Various Luxury Hotels & Casinos In The U.S. & Macau)    
       & 18th Richest Person In The World (Forbes, 2015)

53. Moshe Safdie
       Urban Designer, Author & Architect Who Designed
       Marina Bay Sands Casino & Integrated Resort In 
       Singapore Among Other Buildings & Structures Around 
       The World Including Sky Habitat In Singapore & Habitat 
       67 In Canada

Moshe Safdie.jpg

54. Michael Dell
      Business Tycoon, Philanthropist, Author, Founder & CEO 
      Of Dell Inc. (Dell Computers) & 41st Richest Person In  
      The World (Forbes, 2012)

55. J.J. Abrams
       Actor, Composer, Double Emmy Award Winner & 
       Director, Scriptwriter & Producer Of Notable Works 
       Including Alias, Lost, Fringe, Alcatraz & Revolution For 
       TV & Armageddon, Mission Impossible III, Mission 
       Impossible: Ghost Protocol,  Mission Impossible:    
       Rogue Nation, Star Trek,  Star Trek: Into The Darkness 
       & Star Wars: The Force Awakens For The Big Screen 

56. Jerry Bruckheimer
       Producer Of Notable Works Including The CSI Franchise 
       & The Amazing Race Reality Show For TV & American 
       Gigolo, Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop I & II, Top Gun, 
       Days Of Thunder, Crimson Tide, Bad Boys I & II, The 
       Rock, Con Air, Enemy Of The State, Armageddon, Gone 
       In Sixty Seconds, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor
       The Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise For The Big 

57. Steve Ballmer
       Former CEO Of Microsoft (2000 - 2014), Owner Of Los 
       Angeles Clippers (American pro-basketball team) & 44th 
       Richest Person In The World (Forbes, 2012)

58. Estee Lauder (1908 - 2004)
       Co-Founder Of Estee Lauder Companies Inc. 
       (cosmetics, fragrances & skin & hair care products)
       Net worth: $16.5 billion


(final entry)

XX. The Rothschilds, UK (investment banking)
        Net worth: Estimated between $1 billion-$700 trillion 
        One of the wealthiest and most influential families in the 
        world, this banking dynasty was founded in the 1760s. 
        Because the family’s wealth is private, it’s difficult to 
        ascertain its net worth – estimates range from $1 billion 
        to a staggering $700 trillion, split between legions of 
        descendants. This philanthropic clan has interests in 
        real estate, art and wine.

Net worth: Estimated between $1 billion-$700 trillionFrom: Germany (originally)One of the wealthiest and most influential families in the world, the banking dynasty was founded in the 1760s. Because the family’s wealth is private, it’s difficult to ascertain its net worth – estimates range from $1 billion to a staggering $700 trillion, split between legions of descendants. The philanthropic clan has interests in real estate, art and wine.

         According to the same source of information (MSN / 

         Finance), at number two spot is the House Of Saud, 
         Saudi Arabia, (oil). Estimated net worth: $1.4 trillion.

         The remaining top ten richest families in the world are 
         as follows:

         No. 3: The Walton family, USA -  Walmart (retailers)
                     Net worth: $152 billion

         No. 4: The Koch family, USA. - Koch Industries (oil)
                     Net worth: $89 billion

         No. 5: The Mars family, USA (confectionery)
                     Net worth: $80 billion

         No. 6: Carlos Slim & family, Mexico (telecoms)
                     Net worth $77.1 billion

         No. 7: The Cargill Macmillan family, USA - Cargill
                     Inc. (grain, food, crops, commodities)
                     Net worth: $45 billion

         No. 8: Liliane Bettencourt & family, France - L'Oreal 
                     Net worth: $42.7 billion
         No. 9: Bernard Arnault & family, France - Moet 
                     Hennessy (liquor), Christian Dior (cosmetics & 
                     fragrances) & Etc.
                     Net worth: $37.7 billion

       No. 10: The Cox family, USA - Cox Enterprises (media & 
                     Net worth: $34.5 billion

(personal notes)

II. Nobel Prize Laureates

Prologue (rework needed):

The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in PhysicsChemistryPhysiology or Medicine,Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969.
Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals, of whom at least 22% (without peace prize over 24%) were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population (or 1 in every 500 people). Overall, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% in medicine, 26% in Physics, 19% in Chemistry, 13% in Literature and 9% of all peace awards. 
Jews have been recipients of all six awards. The first Jewish recipient, Adolf von Baeyer, was awarded the prize in Chemistry in 1905. As of 2014, the most recent Jewish recipients included 2014 literature laureate Patrick Modiano, as well as James Rothman and Randy Schekman (Medicine); Arieh WarshelMichael Levitt and Martin Karplus (Chemistry); and François Englert (Physics), all in 2013.
Jewish laureates Elie Wiesel and Imre Kertész survived the extermination camps during the Holocaust,while François Englert survived by being hidden in orphanages and children's homes. Others, such as Walter KohnOtto SternAlbert EinsteinHans Krebs and Martin Karplus had to flee Nazi Germany to avoid persecution. Still others, including Rita Levi-MontalciniHerbert HauptmanRobert FurchgottArthur Kornberg, and Jerome Karle experienced significant antisemitism in their careers.
The oldest person ever to receive a Nobel Prize was Leonid Hurwicz, a Polish-American Jew who received the 2007 prize in Economics when he was 90 years old. 

a) Literature (14)
b) Chemistry (35)
c) Medicine (52)
d) Physics (50)
e) Peace (9)
f) Economics (26)

[name, photo, biography, prize description]

III. Astronauts / Cosmonauts (14)

[name, photo, biography]

IV. Chess Grandmasters / World Champions (62)

[name, photo, biography]

V. Heads Of Govt.(Countries Other Than Israel) - (26)

[name, photo, biography, title]

VI. High Achievers In The Field Of Sports 

[name, photo, bio, event, level of accomplishment]

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