Saturday, 4 July 2015

Did The Undisputed King Of Malaysian Fruit Not Smell Like Cat Urine, Or Was it Just Me?


                 Durian, The Undisputed King Of Malaysian Fruit

A true story.

I am a cat owner who's familiar with the smell of cat urine which incidentally is strictly not tolerated inside the house, both cat urine or its smell.

One day, many years ago, I came back from my evening run and suddenly detected the strong, familiar smell of cat urine in the kitchen area, or what I assumed it to be. Immediately, I began searching for where it was coming from, usually a puddle of cat urine on the floor somewhere although I can't remember if there were toilet-untrained kittens around at that time that might very possibly have been the culprits responsible.
When I reached the area where the fridge was, I looked underneath for signs of cat urine but found none. Impulsively, I opened the fridge door, and lo and behold, there inside it were durians.

At this point it was clearly an open and shut case and the investigation was pursued no further.

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